Thursday, June 28, 2007

Who! What? When!?

Last night, finally, I received confirmation of something I've been waiting for with baited breath for months: the season premiere of Dr. Who on Sci Fi!! The internet rumor mill had the US premiere of season three starting on July 6th. I saw a commercial last night whilst watching Ghost Hunters, and July 6th it is! Now, I've been a fan of Dr. Who since the early 90s, when, thanks to cable, I could finally catch the classic series on public television. When I was a kid (and I'm not telling you which decade that was) I could make out some of the Tom Baker/Peter Davidson episodes via an extremely fuzzy reception. Remember when the Dr. and Tegan went to Amsterdam?! That was good times...

Fast forward a decade or so and, behold! Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred in all their glorious cable television glory!

Oddly, I was unaware that BBC revived the series until I found out about it via, of all things, a knitting forum! I thought Christopher Eccleston was an odd choice for the Doctor--until I watched an episode. No sooner had the 9th doctor found a place in my heart when, bam, he regenerated. Helloooooo number 10!! I don't know why I find him so irresistible: it could be the suit and Chucks combo. Or is it the vintage overcoat? The sideburns are definitely part of it.

Oh my God! Yahoo music is playing "Make A Circuit With Me" by the Pole Cats. It's been over 20 years since I've heard that song...must rate song..."Can't Get Enough"...There. But I digress.

The Brits (if any read this blog) have already sat through the entire season. In fact, Dr. Who is so popular in Britain that the season finale was screened on giant outdoor TV screens in London because the Gay Pride march was scheduled for the same time and so many participants didn't want to miss it!
So, yeah, next Friday is going to be a big night for me. Yes, I'm aware of how sad that is! "The Runaway Bride" or whatever. There are two things, however, that I find annoying about being an American Who fan:
1) We're an entire season behind Britain. Since I like to peruse the BBC's official Dr. Who website, this means I've completely spoiled every major development, plot twist, guest star appearance, you name it, for myself.. You could say I've "mastered" the art of the spoiler. Those familiar with the classic series will know what I'm talking about...
2) Smug, superior British fans who complain about all the "new fans" on the Sci Fi Channel's Dr. Who forum. Don't you people have enough British forums to post on without lording it (no pun intended. Time-Lording over it?!) over us Yanks? Please remember, classic series Dr. Who viewing for most Americans has been sporadic at best. Please don't flood an American forum with complaints about new fans. Just be glad there are that many more of us!
On an un-Dr.Who-related note:
Two days after my post about McSweeney's big inventory sell-off (see below) USA Today's Pop Candy column ran a piece on the very topic! Is Whitney Matheson stalking me?


DanProject76 said...

The Runaway Bride is a bit rubbish... but season 3 is quite good. It starts okay , gets good, then great, then amazing.

It's the final episode on Saturday.


Nowhere Girl said...

What a great picture of The Doctor! I can't wait until this Friday either!